Final Post

May 9, 2011

Sorry this is so late! It’s been a pretty busy week.

On Sunday, we went to Living Fields for church, which was awesome. This singing was great, and we all had a good time. After that, we had some lunch. The rest of the day was pretty much hanging out; we went to fast food places for meals, and saw movies at night. Then we went back, and to bed for the last time at Lynn.

On Monday we pulled all of our stuff together, said out goodbyes, and headed back home. We were all pretty tired, and most of us wanted to get home to bed. What’s pretty cool is that it’s highly likely that some of us might go down and help with laying down new concrete in the basement.

The trip was amazing, and I am so glad that I was able to go on it! I really hope that I can go back sometime 😀


We spent pretty much all of yesterday at the park, working at the festival, which was amazing! There were much more people than I thought there would be! Most of us either helped cook the food, or sold t-shirts like the ones we got on Friday. My dad and little sister visited, and they brought face paint for me to use. I actually spent most of the time painting faces nearby the Living Fields table.

The whole thing was amazing and impressive; we were all really tired after it was over, and we sold most of the shirts! 😀  I’m really glad that we got to go to the festival; I think it was my favorite part of the trip so far.


April 30, 2011

Yesterday, we got these awesome t-shirts that Pastor PoSan made to counter an unfortunate lie that’s been going around Lynn; that you can’t be a Christian if you are Cambodian. It’s really cool, actually, how much of a heart Pastor PoSan has for helping people like that, and how excited he is to do stuff like that.

We did a few other really cool things yesterday! One of them was we went to the center of town, and saw them raise the Cambodian flag. It was a really cool moment, and we made sure to get pictures. We also actually got a picture with the mayor of the town of Lynn, which was pretty awesome!

We also cleaned up around the park some to get ready for the community festival that we’re helping out at today, and, afterwords, we went to a church meeting that they have every Friday, which was pretty cool. Afterwords, we had ice cream, and then went to bed.

Time Flies!

April 29, 2011

Wow! I can’t believe it’s Friday already! It really feels like we only just got here!

It was a slower day yesterday, as most of us felt pretty tired. We spent most of the morning getting nails and screws out of wooden boards. The thing that what really cool that we did was at night, when we went to the Y. You see, the group split up into four different groups that were meeting there the night before; the younger kids, the older kids, the grappling club (grappling is kind of like wrestling), and the swimming group. Mrs. Taylor and I got a ride from Nicole, who helps out at Living Fields. We picked up two kids (a brother and sister) on the way to the Y. They were extremely cute 😀   When we got there, we had some worship time, and Dan and Mike played three songs. It was great! Then, we split up into the groups.

I went with the younger kids group, which was lots of fun 😀 We played a game called ‘Do You Love Your Neighbour’ for a while. Afterwards, I gave a lesson based on Psalm 57:1, which went really well. I was ind of worried about it, since I was pretty tired, so that was great 😀 Then, since we had some time, we played Freeze Tag (I would get frozen, get unfrozen, take two steps, and get frozen again!) and then I taught them Wax Museum, which worked pretty well for the final game.

We headed back to the house, got gathered together, and went to Burger King, since we were all really hungry after playing around with the kids so much. (There’s also been a running joke that whenever we had free time, someone would suggest for us to go on a BK run, haha.) Everyone talked about what their groups did, and various things we’ve done so far over the week. After that, we got home, and headed to bed.

Busy Day

April 28, 2011

Yesterday was really busy! We spent most of the day smashing concrete in the basement, and moving it out underneath the porch to get ready for the work we’re doing later this week with the Robinsons. To do this, first off someone smashed the concrete flooring in the basement. Then, another person broke the rocks that were too big into smaller ones, and put them in buckets. Then someone would carry the bucket to the front of the house, where the would pass it to somone under the porch. That person under the porch would dump out the rocks and try to even them out. It was a lot of work! We also checked out the park where we’re having a cook out on Saturday, and prayed for Lynn and the people living here on the way back to the house.

I was a little worried, because we all felt pretty beat and we had plans to hang out with people that night. Fortunately, we all pretty much got our second winds when it was time hang out with the people. We were paired off with people we didn’t know, and had to find out three facts about them, which we did over dinner. It looked like it was going to rain, so we finished up pretty quickly and played a few games until it was dark out. Then we headed inside and hung out for a while. Today we’re going to the Y, so we worked out who was going to help out with which group, and soon after went to bed.

Day Number 2

April 27, 2011

Yesterday we moved pallets, and stuff out of a back room into a storage room. We also cleaned out a second fridge that they have, helped out with a compost pile, set up some tents to make sure they had all of the pieces, and set up a puppet display. We had some quiet time, and hung out for a while, until a group of kids were brought to the house. There were about ten kids from kindergarten to sixth grade, and they stay at the house to work on their homework, memorize Bible verses, and spend time together. Pastor PoSan formed the group to help the children to grow mentally and spiritually. After they finished their homework and Bible verses, we went outside and played a lot of games with them. One of them called about four of the people in our group ‘Justin Bieber’, which was really funny. All in all it was really fun!

The First Day

April 26, 2011

Yesterday ended pretty late, so I didn’t get to update the blog, but here’s what happened:

My mom drove me to the school for nine o’clock in the morning, and loaded the food and luggage we had into our van. Then we waited for Ian, who was about a half an hour late. We picked up Kaleb on the way, and then took the forty-five minute drive to Lynn. It was a lot quicker than I thought it was going to be!

When we arrived at the house, we me Pastor PoSan and unloaded our stuff from the bus, and my family’s van. After that, Pastor PoSan showed us around the house some, and we got our stuff somewhat situated. We planned to head over to where the Living Fields ministry is, but had to wait for a while for lunch to be pulled together, since it was almost noon. Pastor PoSan gave us a toy kind of like a hacky sack, and we played with it for a while. Then we headed over to Living Fields. The church meets in room/office in one of those business buildings which has about fifty other businesses and such in it. It’s pretty small for a church. We also met Sebastian, a friend of Pastor PoSan’s who helps out at Living Fields, and he told us his story. Pastor PoSan talked about what the people of Cabodia have been through, and explained how he’s trying to help out in the community. He talked about how hard it is to bring Christianity to the Cambodian community, not just because of the deep roots in Buddhism, but because there’s almost a message that’s being believed by many that if you are Cambodian, you can’t be Christian. One way he’s hoping to fight this is through these t-shirts he’s planning on making, and selling in three waves which will have a message about how that isn’t right on them. Please keep that in your prayers, because making that many t-shirts is very expensive. We watched two videos, one that explained more about what Pastor PoSan was talking about, and another of a dance that was performed at their Easter service.

Afterwards, he taught us a game which I didn’t catch the name of. Basically, you stood in a circle, and the first person would say ‘one’, and hit either their left or right shoulder. The person standing next to them in the direction which the shoulder they hit was (left or right) would say ‘two’, and do the same thing. This goes on until the fifth person, who has to point either left or right. Then it continues on normally until the tenth person, who has to point across the circle. All the numbers that end in five you have to do what was done on number five, and all of the numbers that end in zero you have to do what was done on the tenth one. It was fun, though it took us a while to start getting it right, haha. He also taught us another game that worked in a circle. With this one, a random person starts the count (at one, obviously) and kneels. Then someone else says two, and kneels. If you are the last person to kneel, then you are out, and if you say the number at the same time as someone else, you’re out. I wasn’t very good at that game!

When we got back, we played with a hackysack that Ian brought (which was kind of cheap and got blue ink all over everybody’s feet). Pastor PoSan and Sebastian taught us another game that was kind of like baseball with a hackysack, and we played that for a while. During the game, Tyler planted a daffodil.

Pastor PoSan showed us the work that the team did two years ago on the yard and the fence, and they both look really great! He also explained how he hopes to be able to have meetings out there on the benches after they fix them up some. He taught us some phrases that we can use to talk to Cambodian people, like ‘hello’, ‘goodbye’ and ‘Jesus loves you’, which was pretty cool, even though a lot of us had a hard time pronouncing them the right way. Pastor PoSan also told us about how he’s not going to be able to do much (if any) work on the benches himself because his shoulder is really hurt, and he’s getting surgery for it next month. Please keep Pastor PoSan’s shoulder, and the surgery he’s going to have on it in your prayers.

We got to meet some people who help out at Living Fields, and a few people who live at the ministry house before dinner. Some of them told us their stories, and it was really cool. One of them was named Peter, and he was born in Combodia near the end of the Khmer Rouge regime. His parents escaped, and he eventually ended up being raised by a Christian lady in Australia for a while. She impacted his life a lot, and after he went back home, he became a Christian. He actually works for MIT, which is amazing!

After that, we had dinner, which was really, really, really delicious. We hung out some afterwards, and then we went back to the building where the church is to watch a movie called The Killing Fields. We didn’t watch the whole thing, as it was over two hours long. The movie was about the experiences of two journalists during the Khmer Rouge regime, one a Combodian named Dith Pran, and another an American named Sydney Schanberg. it really gave a lot of insight about what happened.

We headed back to the ministry house, and soon after we headed to bed.

It was a really great first day, and it was really great to understand more about the people who we’re helping out on this mission trip.

God bless!

Hannah Spaulding